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Marcel Marchand sings 3 songs:

Recorded at Empty House Studio ABQ.

In the early 70s. I was 21 years old and living in France for about a year and a half. I had just gotten out of the army. I started to do meditations. My first meditation was "What is God?" Then after a week of asking that question mentally, I heard a voice inside of me saying "It's a Universal Force." I felt like God was opening the Gates of Knowlege to me. And I was very happy to hear that voice. Then all this beautiful information started to come in to me like "The Universal Force is making the World Turn, and It's making Life", and "Through Good Actions It becomes Happy inside of us, and through bad actions becomes sad." Also "Intuition is when this Divine Force is Helping us." And we made a beautiful Miracle, with the forces of Nature in 1988, this Divine Force & me.

It takes 1 hour to read this book, and it can change a person for an eternity.

- Marcel

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Spiritual Civilization
for After 2000 AD